The IROHA (いろは) is an old Japanese poem said to have written by KUKAI who was a famous monk in the early Heian era (AD 794-).


The word IROHA (いろは) can also be used to mean "the basics" in Japanese, comparable to the term "the ABCs". We are expressing 'the basic' and the fundamental concept of Japanese food.


We demonstrate 'the basic' Japanese cuisine through the importance of:
Freshness, Health conscious, Creativity, Seasonal produce, Innovation and OMOTENASHI spirit.

(Omotenashi is the Japanese culture of treating a guest. It blends a welcoming spirit with warmth, understanding, and above all respect.) We use local ingredients to express our 'basic Japanese cuisine'. We offer traditional Japanese flavours combining modern cooking methods.


The vibrant rotating menu is designed to share, so you can try more food.


We hope you appreciate the 'IROHA' concept.